About Me


As an Organizational and Leadership coach I help you to explore your potential and reach your goals, both for you as an individual and for you as a leader of an organization. My job is to help you see the unseen potential in yourself, your employees and your organization. For me leadership is about fostering a culture where all employees are highly motivated and where you all strive to contribute to sustainable high performance. I am very familiar with introducing Lean and Agile in organizations and have experiences from assisting several larger transformations. I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and also hold an Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC) with International Coach Federation.

My work is my passion and I truly believe in the potential in all people and organizations - I guess that mirrors me as a genuin coach and consultant. I use my passion, enthusiasm and my coaching skills to spread positive energy and help you to grow!

Futureways is part of a large network of coaches and consultants and we offer support and coaching to individuals, leadership teams and teams in building a High Performing Culture. 

Let us see what we can achieve together. Why not give it a try and contact me already today!  Your futureway coach - Catharina Linnet